Setting up notifications


Invite the bot

To do anything you first need to add the Discord bot to your server. Click the button below to do that. If you already see FreeStuff in your Discord server you can skip this step.


Enable Notifications

First run /settings. Then pick which kind of free games you would like to receive, more on those below. Finally select a channel you would like to receive those notifications. And you're done. That's all. You will now get notified about all free games.


Optional: Testing

If you would like to verify that everything is working you can click on "More" right below where you selected the channel. Then click on Send Test Message. If you receive a notification everything is up and running!

Meet our outlets!


100% Discount (Free to keep)

Subscribing to 100% discount will notify you about all games that have a 100% discount. Games from this category can be kept forever and played any time if claimed during the sale. This outlet will NOT include games that are always free to play, only games that are 100% off for a limited time.


Free Weekend (Free to play)

Sometimes some paid games allow you to play them for free for a limited time, usually for a weekend or a couple of days. Games from this category always cost money but can be played for free while the offer lasts. You do not own those games however so access will be lost after the event.


DLCs & More

DLC is short for Downloadable Content. In other words: extensions, addons, and new content for games. Items from this category are not games themselves, instead this category will include all things gaming related that are free to keep for a limited time. Similar to the 100% off outlet but for everything that's not a game.


Prime Gaming ✦

This premium only outlet will inform you about all things Prime Gaming. New games, new in-game content, new everything. You will need a Prime Gaming subscription to make use of these offers but FreeStuff is here to help you never miss anything!


Xbox Game Pass (Coming Soon) ✦

This premium only outlet is similar to the Prime Gaming outlet, just for Xbox Game Pass. You will need an Xbox Game Pass subscription to make use of the games and content provided but we will make sure you won't miss anything the pass has to offer!

Your Display Settings


Themes allow you to change the appearance of the bot's messages. We have a large variety of themes available to match the look and feel of your server. Try them out directly in the bot's settings to see what you like.

Threads ✦

This Premium feature lets you make the bot create threads for every freebie. You have three options: No threads, just sends the message and does not create any threads. Thread below, sends the notification message in your channel like normal but creates a thread below that message. Message in thread, first creates a thread and then sends the notification message into the newly created thread.

Auto Reaction ✦

Let the bot automatically add a :free: reaction to all it's notification messages. We found out that people are more likely to react if they are not the first to do so, which means if you are a server owner looking to increase engagement this feature is made for you.

Auto Publish ✦

Let the bot automatically publish the notification message if it's sent into an announcement channel. If the channel you have set up is not an announcement channel this option will do nothing while enabled.

Your Filter Settings

Select Platforms

100% DiscountFree WeekendDLC's & More

From our huge selection of available platforms pick which ones you are interested in and which ones you're not. You will only receive notifications for platforms you have selected. Some platforms tend to have more freebies than others. The 'Other' category includes games from all platforms not listed individually.

Select Price Range

100% DiscountFree WeekendDLC's & More

The minimum price you can select filters out all games that were cheaper than what you've selected before the discount. For example, if you set it to $10 no game that was worth $9.99 or less before the discount will be sent to you. This way you can filter out already cheap games if you prefer to only catch the big fish.

Bad Quality Games

100% DiscountFree WeekendDLC's & More

In addition to the other more objective filters available to you, what passes this filter is decided on by our team of content moderators. Every now and then a game comes along that's cheaply produced, untrustworthy or otherwise suspicious. By default we make sure those don't bother you but you can opt in to receive them as well.

Games & Loot

Prime GamingGame Pass

Your Prime Gaming and Game Pass subscriptions come with both free games and free ingame content, also known as loot. You can toggle each of those individually. Only loot? Only games? Both? Whatever you like.

Your Notification Settings

Roles to ping

You can let the bot ping a role of your choice for every notification message. This way you make sure no message slips your fingers. Tip: If you run a community server you may pick a role that users can select themselves to make sure to only ping those who are interested and don't annoy anyone who isn't.

Multiple pings ✦

Would you like to ping multiple roles? You can with FreeStuff Premium! For this and many other perks check out Premium below:

General Settings

Preferred Language

You can pick from a wide range of community maintained translations for the bot to use. Please note that this setting only applies to notifications sent by the bot. All commands are displayed in your Discord client language.

Preferred Currency

We have a large list of currencies for you to pick from. The currency is used in places where the bot tells you the original price of a product.

Pro tip!


All free games — One command

This is your ultimate weapon to all things free stuff. One command to see everything, one command to get up to speed. Get a list of all free games, free to play events, and other offers.


Want some more?

You can! With

Premium ✦

Hosting a bot and scanning the internet unfortunately costs money. Premium is our way to keep the bot running while giving something back to those who want to support our mission. Thanks for understanding.

All of FreeStuff's core features will always remain free to use for everyone.

Even more

Get notified about Prime Gaming deals, games, and in-game content.

Even more

Create your own themes, customize bot name and avatar, and so much more. (Coming soon)

Even more

Let the bot add reactions, publish in announcement channels and create discussion threads for you.

Even more
love, love, love!

Support the mission. Keep FreeStuff afloat. Huge love! From us, to you <3

That's all for now!