First, invite the bot to your server. Once done, you only need to provide the bot with a channel to post free games to by going to:
/settings → Change Channel
And that's already it. You're done here. Free games will now come flying in! Still sceptical? You can test if everything works by going to:
/settings → More → Send Test Message
Also in case you want the currently free games sent in the channel you've set it right now, the "Re-send Messages" button is for you!
/settings → More → Re-send Messages
Regardless of whether or not you set the bot up like described above, you can always run this command to get a list of all games currently free:

Filter Options

While some people might wanna get every single freebie out there, there are others who only want to recieve free games from one specify store or would like to not get deals from that one platform. If you're one of them, get started using:
/settings → Filter Settings
Default: most stores enabled
Sometimes really cheap made games are getting a 100% discount for more exposure. We flag those games as "trashy" so you can filter them out easily. Use this command to toggle the filter:
/settings → Filter Settings
Default: trash games are filtered out
We know that some of you are only behind the big fish in the world of free games. That's why we allow you to set a minimum price a game had to have before the discount in order to be announced on your server.
/settings → Filter Settings
Default: €3/$3


Themes allow you to change the appearance of the bot's messages. We have a large variety of themes available to match the look and feel of your server. To view all available themes and how to apply them, click the button below: Browse Themes
English is not your primary language? No worries, we got a good amount of translations to choose from. Run the command below to get started:
/settings → Language
While this setting doesn't directly impact the appearance of the annoucements it easily one of the most useful settings. To never miss out you can provide the bot with a role to ping for each freebie by typing:
/settings → Mention a role
The bot does not ping anyone by default.
Euro? Dollar? Euro? Dollar? Euro? Dollar? When the bot announces a free game it will also show the original price the game had before it became free. To switch between USD and Euro use:
/settings → Display Settings
Some currencies might not be 100% accurate.
If you as a server owner would like to see more engagement from your server members, you can encourage reactions by letting the bot react with the :free: emoji to each of it's announcement messages.
Currently disabled :(
Encourage people to react and engage.

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