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Even more games!

Get Notified about Prime Gaming

With Premium we'll let you know about all new Games, Loot, and other Prime Gaming Content so you'll never miss out again. Get the most out of your Prime Gaming Subscription with FreeStuff Premium!

Even more customization!

Custom Themes (soon)

Our current selection of free themes is not enough for you? With Premium you can create custom Themes and make everything look exactly how you like it!

Custom Bot Profile

Premium allows you to change FreeStuff's display name and profile picture in your server to make it blend in better with your Discord's style.

Even more automation!

Automatic Reacting

Let FreeStuff automatically add reactions to all notifications. If you're a server owner and want more engagement, this feature is for you.

Automatic Publishing

You have set up FreeStuff to send notifications into an announcement channel? With Premium you can make FreeStuff automatically publish all of it's messages too!

Automatic Threads

You don't just care about freebies, but you really care about the games? Let FreeStuff create threads for every freebie so you and your friends have a space to discuss.

Even more love!

Premium is what keeps FreeStuff afloat. By signing up to Premium you help others fill their game libraries and you make it possible for the team to continue working on this project. Thank you <3

All of FreeStuff's core features will always remain free to use for everyone.

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